Print Display Persistence

The print display command reinitiates itself after every time it has been executed (to completion with all of its steps, of course) until “esc” is pressed on my system. The number of times this always-unexpected behaviour inhibits the next action - usually a selection - in my workflow is incalculable. If this is the intended behaviour of the command, I’m not finding it useful.

That isn’t expected behavior, no. How are you executing the command?


Hi @djhg
You need to complete/finish the command by pressing Enter once you’ve changed the state.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks Jakob. I suppose it stays active until enter in order to facilitate changing one of the settings. Sure causes regular hiccups for me though.

Try making a command macro and use the following as the macro

! _PrintDisplay _State _Toggle _Enter

Thanks. That’s a great idea. I use this command often.