Print Display and Print are fading objects

Hi all,

I am printing layouts with detail views. I have Print Display on because I like to see, in black and white, what the print will look like. As I scroll in and out with the mouse wheel, some objects are appearing and disappearing. I thought this was just a display glitch (it does not happen with Print Display off, but then all the objects are their normal various colors). However, when printing as vector or raster output, the same disappearing objects on screen are missing from the PDF print, no matter what zoom factor I see on screen.

From the below examples, walls and furniture and appearing and disappearing at different mouse wheel zooms. When I print, the walls are disappearing (see the curved wall example) no matter if I can zoom to a spot on the screen where it looks like everything is correct.

What is happening? This has ground a project to a halt because I cannot get prints out.

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Hi Matt- are these curves only or are there views of surfaces etc in here as well? If only curves it might be a good test and maybe even a stupid ‘for now’ workaround (along with Undo) to ProjectToCplane all the curves. Is there any difference?
@stevebaer , do you have an idea?


Not at the moment. If we can get the file, I can try and repeat this on my computer.

Hi Pascal,
The furniture is all 2d curves. The walls are 3d objects (and on different layers too). So a bunch of things are disappearing.

Hi Steve,
I’ll see if I can crop down a file for you. I just tried the same file on another computer and the same mouse-wheel-zooming caused the same objects to disappear.


I can’t remember the link offhand, but @pascal has a way that you can privately send the file to us


I sent a separate email w/ zip file to with the subject line to your attention. Please tell me if you did not receive it or if there is a better, private way of sending files.


Hi Matt,

Could it be that the 2D curves coincide with a flat surface?
I’ve seen this type of behaviour when curves lay in the same plane as a surface, mesh or hatch.
That filled flat object obscures the 2D curves at certain conditions (view dependent)

If so try to either lower the obstructing object a bit or elevate the curves.
Another option is to use any of the Draworder commands.



The DrawOrder. I tries to use it on surfaces but that doesnt work. Does that mean it only works on Hatches?


Hi Jordy,

Indeed you are correct I did not realize that. from the help:

Currently it supports hatches, curves, points, annotation (all forms of text other than dots), and details.


Hi Willem and Jordy,

In this case, the walls are a 3d object so DrawOrder has no effect. A ground plane exists in the model, but the ground plane layer is turned off so it should have no effect on the disappearing wall lines in the detail view.

I have seen weird things happen when a 3d object is being clipped through and when that 3d object is penetrating or intersecting another object further down. However, the issue then results in an incorrect display of the 3d object, but it is not the same issue as the disappearing-mouse-scroll-wheel issue happening in this file.

@stevebaer Have you had a chance to look at the file I sent to last week?


I’m on the road this week and haven’t had a chance yet to look at the file.

OK, the same issue started happening with a smaller, simpler file of mine. In that file, I did RefreshShade on all objects a few times, toggling between wireframe to shaded mode to my blueprint custom display mode. The objects stopped the bug of the mouse-wheel-scrolling-disappearing act.

So I went back to the primary file, hoping that it might be the same issue. However, upon first try of RefreshShade in model space, the disappearing objects continued in Layout Details. So I saved that current layer state, then turned on and unlocked all layers, tried RefreshShade/ Wireframe mode/ Shaded mode a few more times, both in model space and in the particular Layout’s Detail view. Finally the objects stopped disappearing when using the mouse wheel. So I went back and restored the previous layer state (turning back off layers that were off before). This seems like the first hiccup/ bug/ semi-fix.

However, what happened is that the other Layouts’ details still kept the same disappearing act. I had to turn back on all the layers, go into each Layout/ Detail view, and RefreshShade that detail, then finally restore my current layer state. That seemed to stop the issue to enabled me to print.

However, I did notice that the RefreshShade did not seem to “hold” its solution for very long. Very quickly I saw different objects disappearing when mouse scrolling, in other detail views.

  1. The best guess I can offer for the cause is that I am using Scale1d or SolidPtOn when modifying objects or extrusions, and somehow Rhino is not correcting their display in detail viewports, even if those scaled objects are displaying correctly in model view.
  2. But why would off layers cause objects on visible layers to hide/ disappear?
  3. Can you re-create my workaround and so find the bug?


I have created an issue in our bugtracker for this.
Still haven’t dug in yet since I have just gotten back in the office and am catching up on everything in my inbox