Print dialogue vector and raster switch

If I want to switch between vector and raster print in my printing dialogue my mac starts to use round about 80% CPU for Rhino across 10 minutes or more - or my Rhino Crash.

The bug comes with every data.

I Use a MBP mid. 2009 and Yosmenite - 4GB RAM

Bug fixed with the last WIP Version from today (5.1 - 5B125w).


Thanks Hugo, so I have to install the WIP version? - I’m running 5.0.2, Probably being a bit thick here but doesn’t/shouldn’t the licensed version keep up with the work in progress version? Where do I find this WIP?


It’s probably a bit different for the Mac side of things at this point in time but the thought is that these are two separate tracks. The WIPs will lead to the next major version (i.e. Rhino 6) whereas the regular release will receive service releases when necessary (and release candidates thereof before final release of a SR). The WIPs can introduce new functionality but are not intended to be used in a production environment as there can be bugs and stability issues that could cause loss of data.

As to where to find it:

It’s well hidden:smiling_imp: --Mitch

Thanks @wim for the clarification and to Mitch for the links, but I get this…

I just bought my license from SwissRhino!.. :smile: It’s not very important, I mainly use another programme for printing work.

Bizarre - I don’t know what’s going on there… There are a couple of bugs on the web page that I see - the French language page isn’t quite the same as the English page - but it shouldn’t do that… Do you have another computer to try for the download? Have you tried to see if the English equivalent page shows the same?

Excellent choice of reseller :smile:


That looks like something that is going around these days…
It’s probably just the flu …

It will be “less hidden” in the 5.1 update (a link will appear in the Help menu if you are in a commercially licensed version). This fix is not in the WIP…which makes sense if you think about it.

@cecile Can you please remove the fourth bullet item and its sub-items from the French version of the page? (logged in WWW-226)

Hopefully just a 24-hour flu… working on fix this.

And note that on this page, there is no link at all to the WIP as there is on its English speaking equivalent…


Mitch, thanks anyway. I’ll wait for the update.