Print-command to Rhino Commandline

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a way to print a progress from a ghpython component to the Rhino commandline? Can this be done? And how?
Thanks a lot in Advance!

In v6 the recommended way is the Progress Meter:

Otherwise, you could just use print('1%'), or rhinoscriptsyntax.Prompt, etc…



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Thanks Giulio, but I think I have to clearify more:
When I use a print statement in the python script editor of Rhino the string gets printed to the Rhino command-line. When I use the same print statement in ghpython the string gets only printed to the output window of the ghpython script editor. Is there a way to use a print statement in ghpython and pass the string to the Rhino command-line?

RhinoApp.Write(), and similar methods and overloads.