Print Color for Tables and Opening Elevations

I find the only way to set this is to choose a colour in the style. The style’s print colour default setting, or By Layer, result in the object printing with the display colour no matter what the Object’s print colour or Layer’s print colour is set to.

Hi @djhg,

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Here are my steps:

  • Created a new document in Rhino 6.7 with VisualARQ 2.2.
  • Created some walls
  • Created a vaTable using the style “Walls”, and selected all walls in the document.
  • Changed the print color of the table to “Red”
  • Enabled “Print Preview”

Here is what I see:


This seems correct to me.


I’ll upload the project. THere must be something with the way things are set. Thanks.

Hi @djhg,

I’ve been able to reproduce the error. It’s already fixed in VisualARQ 2.3.