Pricing for Grasshopper Algorithms

Hi all,

I’m seeking advice on a pricing structure for a series of algorithms -
is there a standard for how to price an algorithm capable of producing x # of assets & what’s the general guide for pricing for an editable algorithm?

The job scope is for an algorithm which would produce rings :ring: from sizes 3-13 including quarter sizes, and to provide the algorithm & 3D files as deliverables. Editable access to the algorithm is required.

Each algorithm would be for a different ring design. The designs are already established. Some designs have variable features which would mean an algorithm capable of producing over 160 rings.
Some combinations of the variable featured rings may not be produced, but all should be able to be produced.

In my experience (in Canada) industry standard pricing for CAD jewellery files can look like $100-$250 per individual file (approx). Jobs like this without access to the algorithm (where the deliverable is a series of .stl assets of one ring design in a range of sizes) might be $35-$75/stl.