Preview not showing in Discourse composer panel

As at 26/4/2019. Hiding and revealing preview doesn’t help.

How about pressing escape?

Doesn’t help, I’m afraid.

Strange - it’s working for me on Chrome for Windows 10 and Safari for iPhone.

Thanks @Dancergraham, works ok in Chrome for me too.

Looks like this is specific to the current Edge browser. I see I have some 404 errors retrieving discourse styling & assets so may relate to that.

Started today, won’t work in IE11 , but works in Chrome.

Hi Fred,

I’d forgotten this, because it went back to working in Edge without intervention (don’t know when or why; maybe no more than a PC reboot, maybe a Discourse update). Maybe the same will happen for you!


Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for the response. I looked around on the Discourse site and there were mentions of problems with Edge, but not IE. I’m good as it works in Chrome and Safari on my phone. Cheers. :beer: