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Hi all,
is there a way to draw a command preview for a curve with a dash dot line style and not the solid line? I have not found any method in DisplayPipeline (I am using c#) that allows that. Am I missing something? Is there a state that can be pushed or something?

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Hi @Alberto,

only using DrawDottedPolyline and DrawDottedLine as far as i know. And there is this bug in V5 which requires you draw the dotted ones last.


Still, this is dotted lines/polylines I want to draw dash dot curves. In general it does seem there is no way of drawing all the line styles that are supported within the core Rhino.


the only workaround i know is to convert a copy of the curve into a polyline and use DrawDottedPolyline. In my case i dashed the curve manually for the conduit and have drawn the dashed segments one by one to prevent the bug listed above. I’ve created my own line styles…


Still, this I would like something more generic that work with the Rhino infrastructure without re-coding all by myself.

I agree with you Alberto. A new method like “DrawDottedCurve” would be a good start in V6. Advanced support for custom LineTypes when drawing curves would be even better. Problem is that if everything has to be backward compatible with V5, that won’t help much. Therefore i pointed out a version independant workaround .


I added this to the RhinoCommon feature request list at

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Thanks a lot, that will help!

Hi there,
This method have been included in Rhino V6 Api?

Thanks in advance

The release target for that feature request is set to “Future”, so, no, it’s not in Rhino 6.

Thanks Wim