Preview animation only plays in wireframe

Previously I thought I could use the path animation tool and playback the preview in any display mode before actually recording the animation, this was very useful especially with the advance or go to frame functionality then I could see what a frame looked like but now the preview defaults to wireframe.
I believe we could be in any display mode for the preview playback now it always kicks back to wireframe.

Hi RM - here the preview is in whatever mode the animation is set for, which is what I think I’d expect.


Hi Pascal,
I don’t mean the final renderings I mean viewing the animation before outputting, I think it always reverts to wireframe. Maybe I’m thinking of the html renderings. I have to check in V5 but for me it’s reverting to wireframe even though I have rendered view chosen and rendered view in the output.

I have the exact same problem, whatever viewport and whatever setting I choose for that viewport, it always playbacks in wireframe mode??


Hi Anders -
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.