Preset zoom amount on mouse cursor location using keyboard

Hi, I am zoomed out, then need to see in detail to carefully place something, so zoom in, then need to zoom back out, then zoom in on next place, then back out, then pan , then zoom back in, hundreds of times, we all must do this at times .

So rather than scrolling mouse wheel forwards then backwards all the time, before I wear it out and mu index finger, what is a better quick method of doing this ?


Perhaps a NamedView for your “Zoomed out” location, then select and ZoomSelected to get close for the Zoom in. Make your change then NamedView Restore to get back to the starting point.

Macro-ize once the workflow is proven and is understood.

I’m pretty sure I posted the Zoom Tools scripts a while ago when you had a similar question. The Loupe tools in there should at least help. LoupePt is probably best.


followed the steps.

Unfortunately not what I am after, I want something that with a single key stroke takes me to where my cursor is either when I am with all 4 viewports open or just one, rather than have one large one then have to type a command and get a smaller viewport, on top of these.

I have my view all set up to move from let to right of it, so to have a separate viewport appear reduces my setup.

Something I can preset a zoom amount per key combination click, so if one click isnt enough then two, on another occasion maybe three or one is enough. Just saves on scrolling in and out all the time.