Preserving model associativity between edits

This is a general question concerning high-level capabilities of grasshopper. Basically, I’m curious whether grasshopper can preserve associativity even when the program is changed, i.e. the metadata associated with the model that rhino keeps track of privately, and how?

Every time I make a change to the main workflow of the program, it recalculates (and often takes a long time to do so). My understanding is that this process essentially resets the data being interacted with (in my case, a brep that I’m trying to cut). This is annoying for a lot of reasons, my focus being that any associations kept in a CAM program will be invalidated, as the new model will have a new ID and toolpaths will be lost. In an ideal world I would be able to, for example, edit a number in grasshopper (corresponding to a length in my brep) and have the CAM toolpath recognize the new model as the same as before, and simply adjust to fit the length (instead of re-solving the process, often requiring machinists to redo the toolpath by hand).

I know this may sound like a question to do with CAM, but assuming the CAM program only needs the model ID to be preserved across edits, can that be done and how?

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