Presentation on grasshopper canvas

I need to prepare a presentation for non-grasshopper related people. It is not exactly on gh itself but I would like to show them some work I’ve done, and present some basic logic behind it. Ofc i would need some slides to go along with that.
Here’s my problem - I don’t feel like jumping from window (powerpoint/prezi) to window (gh) would do any good and I had this strange idea to prepare whole presentation inside gh canvas.
Heres my question - are there any plug ins that would help me with that? Anyone tried something similar? Any way to place hi res pictures inside gh canvas? A better way to write things than “scribble” component?
So far I’ve found this - slideshow plugin by Mateusz Zwierzycki that would defienately be helpful.
I’d be grateful for any input/advice!
Thanks, have a good one!