Preselected Category inside Type input

Hello, this is a rater small “Quality of life” or Papercut type of wish.

In Add Wall (Profile) I think there can be only one right Category for the Type input - Walls. Can it be preselected? It will save some clicks, time and add that satisfactory smoothness. The same goes for Add Floor, Add Roof, etc.

existing state:


This is an option and would be persistent (no need to reselect category on opening of the file)

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Thanks for that tip - I will use it.

You are touching on a slightly different subject than I am. I had in mind something that could smooth things up as we work. However, as far as there is no between sessions preservation of the information selected inside Type input, my wish has very little sense.
I hope it is a part of things that will be resolved together with binning of the objects.