Prepping for 3D printing


I have attempted to Booleanjoin but it has failed.

Searching around I found that it could work if I scale the inner sphere by just a little bit bigger so that it contacts with all the “spikes” which will enable booleanjoin but it has failed as well.

Any pointers will be much appreciated. I am trying to prep this shape for 3D printing.

Thank you so much!

Test Sphere (20.1 KB)
Test Sphere.3dm (255.0 KB)

I looked a bit at that, I understand that you want a sphere with spikes and some balls at the end.
Do you want hollow spike ? Hollow sphere … ?
It seems also that there are many extrudes for one spike with no thickness control … there are more stranges things.

I will try to change some things and come with a GH !

Here is a solution full solid. It uses one of my component to generate triangulated mes sphere. As you want hexagon I used mesh dual from Kangaroo plugin. I didn’t plug the result as you perphas not have this plugin. Ater that it is quite simple !!! Thanks, I discover a component (move away from)
GH1.0 Test Sphere (45.8 KB)
GH 0.9.0076 Test Sphere LD (48.2 KB)

Go also on or Reddit, there are also many helps