Prep a file for a stratasys J750: wrap a high res image to outer surface

Good Afternoon,

I work with bent sheet metal. Our products are anodized, silk screened, and then laser etched. Samples are getting expensive and I’d like to try and print a prototype.

Since the artwork consists of 3 colors and is relatively complicated (including text and images) my understanding is that a “Color by Texture / UV Mapping” is my best choice for this J750 printer.

I’ve created my part in solidworks and I’m using blender to wrap the image to the outside of the part and export it as a .wrl file. From what I can tell, blender does not export to the 97 format, it seems to only export to the 1.0 format. And the printer seems to only print UV maps from the 97 format.

So, are there any of you guys out there that are doing a similar thing? And could Rhino be a tool that I can use to create my final WRL file to send to the printer - one that includes my wrapped image on the model?

Thanks a million,

Hello Charles!
Can you detail your uv map, is it a texture per face? by solid? Do you have a decal image?
maybe an image or screenshot can help answer?

ok, la question ne se pose plus: rhino 6 nexporte pas au format 97