Preferred Eto Layout & Form Design Acceleration

Hi there! I’m working through some of the growing pains of migrating over to Eto forms from the MS form designer, so thank you in advance for your advice & help.

My first question is in regards to layouts. Most recently, the Eto form website stated that TableLayout is preferred over DynamicLayout and there is not much information listed for the new StackLayout. I seem to be seeing a preference for StackLayout in recent code examples online and the Eto source code, so do we expect to see StackLayout become the preferred and primarily supported layout for use?

I imagine that a designer for Eto Forms is still a way off. Have there been any recent developments in automating or simplifying form creation, or do we expect any in the near future?


I think you are in the wrong forum! This one is for the Rhino 3d modeler.

He’s in the right place :wink:
A quote from David (first hit on my Google search):

Rhino6 for windows (and Rhino5 for Mac) will ship with a special build of Eto, whose aim is to provide most of the functionality in the intersection between Windows and MacOs. With Eto we hope to be able to develop .NET plugins with rich UI that run on both operating systems.

My mistake!:confused: