Prefabricated Concrete Sandwich Panels using vaWalls

I’d to like create Prefabricated Concrete sandwich panels using walls, but they automatically join no matter what I do. I tried zero’ing out intersections, set wall joins to none and even set the default wrappings for Ends to None.

Love visualarq, but being able to see each module outlined is important for modeling prefab components like - is there a workaround? should I just use conventional breps shapes instead and try to schedule them differently? Thanks

Hi Franklin,
If wall joints are set to “None” they should not join. Can you send us the 3dm file so we can check it out? (

Please send a screenshot of how you wish to see the walls. If you use Brep instead you can also add values to them (trhough Custom Parameters) and schedule them with VisualARQ tables)