Pref Setting: New Layers NOT visible in existing Details by Default?

Hi @mary Thx for the reply. I believe that’s the converse of what I’m hoping for.

The dream is the Options to set the Default Visibility for New Layers created in model space to be:

A) Invisible in Existing Details (but visible in newly created details)

B) Invisible in All Details (i.e. Can’t be seen in both existing and newly created Details)

C) Visible in All Details (i.e. Can be seen in all existing and newly created Details)

I imagine this would by default show the “light bulb” in the layer panel as “off” in the layer panel for each of those layers, and then one could go into a detail and tick the bulb back On, as we presently do.

Additionally (working in concert with the Default Options mentioned above) maybe having something like the following Detail Visibility chooser would fulfill the back-end need to control things on a per-layer basis?

…in which the Red Bulb would be the Default Condition, should someone choose Option B, above. Yattah, yattah. :nerd_face: