Precision SUB D

Hi There,

Are there any examples of modelling with SUB D where there is more precision involved?

For example…if you use the Y branch example shown in videos and say you are making a bike frame but the tube you are connecting to need to be exactly 21.5mm diameter for the bike seat to slide in…how to you use SUB D to merge to that part?

Similar we have the computer mouse, Say you have to match to an existing part of the mouse that cant change from a design perepective… Can you force the SUB D surface to stay on a path?

Can we have sweep 2 rails or 1 rail with sub D for more precision?

Just curious on how to use this organic surfacing method to match a certain size.

Another example could be if you are designing a set of headphones and you have the freedom to design a new shape of the ear piece, but must match it to an existing headband…how to blend between these or match to certain exiting surfaces / lines…

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Agree with your post.

Wish: MatchCurve SubD command like T-Splines has.

Theres a way to do it with the Align (to curve) command, as illustrated here (from about 6:10):

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