Precast Walls Panels

HI Experts
I need to Model Precast wall panels with varies heights and trims. Kindly refer attached file showing Plan of wall and Elevation of panels.
Please share your experience to make it on Grasshopper.

Advance Thanks and Regards
Muhammad IsmailPrecast Wall.3dm (2.0 MB)

Please describe more about the process you are trying to achieve.

Initial information, variables, what drives the model variables, what the desired output is, associated data, how all this is being updated.

The best processes are hybrid; some rhino, some data, some grasshopper, then back to rhino.

Hi Japhy.

Thanks for Feedback. I am looking actually for Precast wall segments showing in elevation on attached file. They will be aligned as per plan above rest on piles already shown in 3d.

in Bottom corners of each Panels there is 150mm X direction and 92mm on Y direction cuts that should be perpendicular on each end. As shown on Plan.

I am hoping that it a bit more clear.

Best Regards
Muhammad Ismail