Practice and work

Hey! I’m a beginner in modeling and in Rhino. I’ve already read and learned Rhino User’s Guide, Level 1 and Level 2 Manuals. Can you give me some advice what to do next.

What are the simple steps to master Rhino?

Start modeling. Pick an object and build a Rhino model. Also experiment, and look at the Help section for commands you are not familiar with.

Hi Aram,

Like David states: pick an object and model it.
Do not hesitate to pick difficult objects. Like organic shampoo bottles, game console controllers, or a complete bike.
To master Rhino you need to make miles and make sure you challenge yourself in difficult tasks.
Also try various routes; there are always multiple ways to make a model, try explore a few instead of just go for one and move on.


Willem, also a good habit would be to learn in making a watertight object. One of the ultimate goals is what can be done after an idea is completed.
I wish I would have focused more on that idea because it makes a better model. Hope I’m helpful here—Mark

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