Potential Rhino 9 WIP Feature: Flair

I’ve added comments to RH-31129 (not public).


Hi @wim quick question:

I downloaded WIP on my laptop and I see the Flair feature. I downloaded WIP on my desktop and it doesn’t show up - reinstalled WIP and it still doesn’t show up.

I liked the flair feature and where it’s going!

What could it be?

Thanks for your help!


same… on (8.0.22326.12305, 2022-11-22) Flair is no longer an option

Hi -
I knew that this feature was put on hold but didn’t fully realize that it was taken out completely. From what I understand, we know what the feature does (obviously, since we coded it), but are not sure what such feature should do. Based on the big amount of pushback from the users, there will need to be more internal thinking around this.

As we are aiming to finialize the feature list for Rhino 8, and as the developers still have a substantial amount of work to do for other features that are already decided should be in Rhino 8, it’s not unthinkable that this project is something that will move to Rhino 9.


sad news!
*I do admit I discovered it too late…

why does it have “to do something” other than what it already does? :sweat_smile:

Rhinoceros is extremely powerful and effective as is and without the feature…

Couldn’t Flair, then, which is actually not needed for modeling purposes–strictly speaking–but is pure cherry-on-top bonus and simply a creativity aide, bypass some of the pushback in the name of artistic expression/facilitation?

I also have my own style preferences, and yet I’ve never had the flair feature as a Rhino user–how could I even push back now on bonus I’ve never had and is now generously provided to me for owning a copy of Rhino? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Looking forward to it making a return some time soon!

I had some fun with minimal tweaking for some shirt graphics!



I’m shamelessly asking for folks who miss this feature to speak up. It’s on the bubble and without some user love it’ll go away.

I’m clearly a fan and trying to keep it in for v8… :wink:


Keep on fighting Kyle, It’s better to have it than to not have it, no matter how it is integrated.
I’d rather see that you push OUR wishes to V9! :wink:


Doesn’t show up as an option on my install in the drop-down menu. Do I have to be using default display modes? Also doesn’t show up in the options menu under View.

Hi Peter -

It was removed.

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I work too much and have no time to play around with fun new possible features for Rhino 8. But I do love this idea and hope we can get enough people to ask to keep it in. Even at a yet undeveloped state. Some of the flair displays people came up with were great!

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I wonder which features will not make the list if Flair stays.

A new G2 patch, but that won’t make the list either if Flair doesn’t stay.

Wow, how i didn’t see this before? This looks fire.

it’s not either/or, we had to pull the display dev working on this to help with metal display for the mac. Moving him won’t impact projects other devs have rolling.

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a few simple presets of Flair should absolutely be included in V8, the ability to have a variety of ways to present works in different styles would add some real punch to the programme. I’ve been playing around with AI image creation lately, words like Digital Art, Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Pastelize, Sketchy, oooooo I’m imagining some cool options inside of the mighty Rhino3d :+1:- But, not at the expense of core development and improvements, particularly on the Mac platform


Although my feedback might be considered as a push back. Most of us didn’t mean to kill the feature. We just wanted to make it better like all the other functionalities in Rhino.

Now it is being postponed. I have a small request for mcneel is to include more people to participate early in the feature planning. We shouldn’t see a feature pops up in our WIP build and it is nearly complete. With out options only limited to either “Keep it of leave it”

Long live NPR! We want one but:…



Here is an example of one of the needs we have:
To illustrate quickly in 3D something that shouldn’t be rendered.
And in a way that the illustration mode follows the Rhino document and the layouts.


100% well said

one simple method is to have the ability to assign custom display modes per layer. More controls over surface shading, transparency and line styles.

As requested below



Honestly it is more about dev resources atm… we need more bodies getting metal to work. Bear with us for a bit…there is a loooot of working happening on 8 still.


you can do that in v7 already… do a view based make 2d of your model, then add some solid or gradient hatches in color

you can also just make surfaces and assign materials to them in rendered mode

I use the sketch curve and make planar srf to make regions I want to fill with color.

advanced tip, make surfaces and assign materials with texture on them!

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