Potential Rhino 9 WIP Feature: Flair

done, Fwiw… if you want this feature, we will need support from users for it to have any chance.

Please speak up and let @jeff feel the love for his work on this.

I love this feature but my voice matters much less than the community’s does because I get rhino for free.

we want to make sure our dev resources are spent wisely on features that make Rhino great for you all.

To use this in v9 wip-

Install v9 wip from here-

download this
FlairSDKHarness.rhp (537 KB)

Launch v9, then drag the .rhp file to a running v9

close and restart rhino, then right click a panels tab and choose “show panels”

look for “Rhino Flair!”

load up that one and you’ll get the flair options.
It’s very Wippy at the moment, but hopefully @Jeff will give it some love as he is able.