PostProcessor file for artcam 2018

hi i am wondering if anyone can help me create a PostProcessor file for artcam 2018. Hope someone can help me

HuuPhat_1D_4D_co gap phoi.rar (922 Bytes)

I moved your question to the general Rhino category.

It sounds like maybe you need specific help with CAM.
Rhino has no native CAM tools, so maybe this is not a good forum for your question.

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Might have more success on Artcam’s forum. As it’s a Delcam product you will have to go through Autodesk. Also you will have to tell them for what cnc control you require the post processor for. Never know your luck there might be one already written.

Autodesk swallowed this program include Delcam and discontinued it in 2018.
New supported version is here

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