Posted screen grab and taller images can you see them?

I am informed by Jeremy that images I add to a post dont display at a readable size.
On my PC one click makes them bigger, then another on that makes it the size I was looking at when saving it.

Are all my posts suffering inability to view images.

Please see this one as example, it starts with single image then has a storyboard, all are very readable on my PC when I do the suggested action above.

let me know what browser you are using.

I am with 1920x1200 monitor (24inch) and the first image is 323mm wide

further down the storyboard is 385mm wide after two clicks.
(where it says Thanks Kev R. then a little into the post UNUSABLE)

One could right click copy then image editor edit paste, see it as intended.

but this forum was able to display these, used this for years.


On mobile devices the really long images are a pain, at least on my tablet the second click does not show the larger version - the second click works fine on my laptops and desktop.

Instead of stitching all your screenshots together like that just upload them to your post in sequence.

Your really long iage looks like this on my tablet, without being able to view it properly. And no, I don’t want to download the image to the device

I imagine it will be even worse on smartphones.

By contrast the post Best method cplane to front while keeping views same? - #22 by kev.r is easy to view on even mobile devices, since each capture is in sequence as its own upload. One such image shows very well on mobile devices:

I expected someone with a Rhino prog open downloading my file and working on it.
Why are they with instead a smartphone ? never occurred to me at all.
Is that technically possible ? I cant understand how such could be used given the massive video card required in a PC.
To have to take even more time to dumb down to smartphone level is not me.
hate smartphones and internet browsing on the darn things.
give me a 24inch monitor anyday.

I dont like situations where the tail wags the dog !

However I guess the days of a proper PC are over. I will post each part of the storyboard separately.

Its just a lot of extra work yet again, as its all laid out in Pshop then I have to go through it again copy pasting a selection square and making a new image each time. takes long enough as it is.

That smartphones are then causing me even more time, aaaaagh !


Hey Steve,

You are starting to sound like you see people helping you as a right rather than a privilege. People don’t have to help: you make it harder, you’ll get less response, you make it easier, you’ll get more.

Just saying,