Post Effects with NXT 5.5 and Bongo

I’ve made a rendering that utilized the “focal depth” post effect in flamingo nxt 5.5 (if someone could explain the difference between depth of field and focal depth, I’d appreciate it).
I can’t seem to get bongo to use these posts even when i tick “save as defaults” when using the BongoRenderAnimation command. I get saved images, but with no post effects applied.
Am I missing something?

Have confirmed that in Flamingo NXT (vs 5) it does correctly apply the post effects when using the command “bongorenderanimation” so this seems to be some sort of bug in NXT 5.5. Tested and exists in Rhino 6 SR21

This bug DOES NOT occur when using Rhino 5 SR 14 and NXT 5.5.

Does anyone know of a way to render ONLY the depth map data? This would be helpful for compositing in something like after effects.