Post-command control over object selection: new, old, both, all, none etc

When finishing a command, user sticky option to be able to choose which objects will be selected. New, old, both, all, none etc.

Video explanation

Can you put all these in one post instead of spamming the forum 1 by 1 (also your posts need a bit more context as you cannot tell if they are a question, a wish, something you made, etc.)

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Hi Michael,
Sorry, I had no intention of ‘spamming’ the forum. I didn’t know what the best way to do this was. There’s a lot of items, I don’t know which ones have been addressed, are not addressable, or can be run by scripts etc. These are just items (about 50) which have been encountered by myself or friends at architecture school.
I don’t know how to collate the previous items into categories, as I don’t think this is possible from my end. I will try to collate the remaining items into one forum post so that there’s less items in the list. This will however mean that things will be not looked at.

Hi @jdelavaulx,

In the body of your post, you might ask a question, ending with a real question mark. Some of us would rather just read what your question and/or problem is without having to watch a video.


– Dale

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You may want to check out SelLast command. It allows to select recently created or modified objects. You can choose if original selection stays via running it in hypenated mode “_-SelLast”.
It’s one of Rhino’s most useful but underappreciated commands, we use it all the time.
This could also address you other post question about selecting objects duplicated with Gumball.