Post and beam pavilion


I’m trying to build a post and beam pavilion structure using Grasshopper. However, I’m not sure how to make the horizontal beams have a rectangular profile. In the screenshot below I’ve used the Pipe component as a placeholder until I figure it out.

I tried using the Bounding Box component around the pipes, but this just put boxes around each sub-square of four beams [if that makes sense?].

Do you have any tips on making the horizontal beams have a square profile?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

[Also, just to give credit to the reference project: it’s Testing Grounds in Melbourne, Australia]

170326_Post_And_Beam_Pavilion.3dm (439.7 KB) (19.0 KB)

You have two broad angles of attack here; either create boxes or create extrusions.

If you opt for extrusions, that’ll require you to place properly aligned profile curves at the end of each beam line. Although you may be able to get away with using the [Extrude Linear] component. Note it has an optional target orientation frame, meaning maybe the default one will work?

For boxes you will also need to figure out orientation, so it’s probably not any less work.

A different approach if you don’t need to use Grasshopper would be to create one post and one beam, use Rotate to create another beam at perpendicular to the first beam. Then Array to create a rectangular array of posts and beams which encompass the desired structue. Then delete the extra posts and beams. Once the initial beam and post is created the rest should take less than half an hour, probably considerably less.

Thanks @davidcockey , but I’m really after a parametric solution so that I can test different iterations of post spacing and beam height. The grasshopper definition I’ve created also culls posts that lay outside a boundary, allowing me test it on different land parcel shapes.

The main problem I’m having is being able to make sense of the list of points and being able to join them together to make beam lines to then extrude along.