Possible to maintain intersections of curves as they are smoothed/rebuilt/faired?

I have a surface that I am developing from a set of horizontal and vertical curves. I used a mesh to trace these curves, so I have to smooth them out. However, once I smooth them out, I will lose the intersections where vertical and horizontal curves intersect. Is there a technique that allows me to smooth all the curves, but retain the intersections where horizontal and vertical intersect? Using the attached file as an example, once I smooth out the black lines, they will no longer intersect with the red or the green curves. I need topology like this to be retained, but I also need each curve to be smoooooooooooooooooth. Is this possible? I know I can choose either the verticals or the horizontals, smooth them, and then loft – but I need a network surface based on smooth input curves. Again, is this possible? Example (57.9 KB)

Hello - I’m afraid I do not see a good way to do this so far.


How about creating points at the intersections, then creating a surface from the point grid (you would have to leave out the green curve that doesn’t have a red match, or add the match first) and smooth the surface?

smoothy.3dm (167.2 KB)
(minimal smoothing applied so far)

a310_20181006-A_interpolate.3dm (3.6 MB)
If you absolutely need to keep the intersections of the curves on your surface I suggest that you run a set of interpolate curves (command is InterpCrv) though your line intersections in both directions, including the edge curves if possible. Then you can NetworkSrf them and you will get a pretty smooth surface. See white lines and green surface in attached file.

If you are able to deviate from the intersections slightly I suggest that you may want to nudge the interpolate curves around a little to get them smoother before surfacing. To do this while controlling the areas that move and those that do not one technique I like is softeditcrv with the falloff set to a short enough distance that it will pull the curve only one intersection at a time.