Possible to get vertex light value?

Hi guys, I would like to measure the amount of light all the vertices of an object recieves, is that possible?
To be used in a sun study, so I need to know if it is in shadow etc, therefore I can’t just read out the data from the viewport.


Hello @Holo , you need this in rhino3dm or within Rhino?

I don’t understand the “in rhino3dm or within Rhino” question.

I am making a script to use within Rhino, does that answer your question?

You’ve posted this in the rhino3dm category under Rhino Developer, which is for discussing the rhino3dm libraries which are used outside of Rhino to read/write rhino files and to create rhino geometry.

Whether you are using rhino3dm outside of Rhino or developing inside of Rhino would make a big difference towards answering the question. Since you are in Rhino, I’ll switch the category.

Oh, I am sorry, that must have happened without me noticing. THANKS!

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Right now you’ll have to do some ray bouncing yourself and do calculations yourself. Will be fun if you also need indirect lighting…

In some future it could be possible to bake textures on objects from which you then could interpolate the light color of that texture for a vertex.