Possible to flatten a closed subD object?

Hello- I took my first dive into modeling this object using subD and am loving the flexibility. I used the ‘paper doll’ technique per this tutorial here, starting with an open subD surface which I then extruded, then reflected (I did no other surface modeling, so I think of it as essentially 2 dimensional still). In the process I seem to have lost the initial open subB object (though I swear I saved it somewhere :triumph:). Is it possible to flatten this closed subD object back to its initial flat form? Thank you,


flatten_subd.3dm (3.0 MB)

@Revel_Woodard might be a quicker way to do this but try this. Turn symmetry off.


Select all the faces from the extruded edge all the way to the other reflected side and delete them.

Then go into front view in the case of your model and select every thing and project to the cPlane with the delete input option selected.


That should get you back to the planar subD plane to start again.


Thank you very much, Alistar!

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