Possible to Extrude Multiple Curves in different directions at once?

I have several line curves that align at a point, like this:

and I would like the the lines to all be 2mm square extrudes, to achieve something that looks like this
(the top part)

Can anyone help explain how to achieve this?
thanks in advance!

Hi Stacy - not really - you can run Pipe but there is a strong likelihood that a BooleanUnion of the results will fail - it may be worth a try however. You may end up making one sector of the radial pattern and ArrayPolar & Jointhe results.
@Stacy - it looks like you can get Weaverbird to make something useful as a mesh, possibly and that might do for what you need.


LinesToSolidMeshFrame.3dm (95.7 KB)

Use wbMeshFromLines, then wbCarpet then wbThicken -