Possible to display selected object's name in a status bar info pane?

I am just wondering if there’s a tip on how to get Rhino to show the name of an object I have selected, in the status bar at the bottom of the screen, in an info pane like the one there for the object’s layer.

I don’t mean a way to interactively set the object name - I can do that in the Properties panel. I just want to be able to see an object’s name at a glance while I am working, without having to go over and activate the Properties panel (which I normally have covered over by other more frequently used panels).

I am suspecting that ‘no’ is the short answer, you can’t get Rhino to display the object name in the status bar. It seems like an innocuous minor refinement that wouldn’t take a programmer much time to add as a status bar option - could it be added to any upcoming v5 update?

Hi Ian,
You can actually display the name but it disappears right away so it’s not so useful if you have the status bar checked for other uses but it works if you don’t.
Below is a quick script you can copy and paste into the macro editor or onto a button, you might want to use the command line or the message box instead if you use the status bar for other things, just delete the lines with those methods or comment them out with a ’ for the ones you don’t want.

-_Runscript (
Option Explicit
Call Main()
Sub Main()
Dim strObject,strName
strObject = Rhino.GetObject(“Pick any object”)
If Not IsNull(strObject) Then
strName = Rhino.ObjectName(strObject)
Rhino.MessageBox cstr(strName) 'this displays name in message box
Rhino.StatusBarMessage cstr(strName) 'this is status bar
Rhino.Print cstr(strName) 'this prints to the command line
End If
End Sub