Possible to Create Visual Block Toobar?

Newbie-ish here. Wondering if it’s possible to create a Toolbar (sidebar) with buttons of my blocks?

Let’s say for Drafting, if I have view titles, elevation callouts, etc that I want to be able to easily drag onto my drawing? Coming from another software that had this ability, and was hoping maybe it’s possible here.

Of course using for the modeling elements would be really helpful, too. It’s not just for the drafting I’m interested in.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alan - not by dragging but you can certainly make buttons that Insert or Import specific files into the current file. See Help on making macros


Shout here if you need help getting started. Incidentally, the Libraries panel (Panels menu > Libraries) can be used for this as well - with Drag and Drop. You can add specific locations to show in Libraries in Options > Libraries page.


Perfect, will check both of those out! Thanks for the super-prompt reply!

Ahh, thanks, Pascal, Libraries are exactly what I need! Going to start working them into my UI.

QUESTION: I don’t know if you use Vray, but I would like to be able to use Vray materials (etc) in my Libraries Panel, but when I just bring it up (shows my Vray materials collection in the Libraries Panel) I can’t just click-drag the materials onto my objects the way I can with regular Rhino Materials. Tried double-clicking as well.

There’s a “Vray Express” Panel with Materials, Lights, etc, tab that seems to work fine doing it this way, but can’t get the materials to work from my Libraries Panel. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!