Possible room for improvement with the beta process

I like the way we automatically get weekly updates. It’s a much better system than in the past releases. However, it seems to me that the beta testing process could be more effective if we knew what has changed from week to week. Even a sentence or two explaining what we as tester should be testing.

By way of example, I help Joakim with testing new features in madCAM. He tells me what’s new when he gives me a pre-release. I work that new feature until I’m convinced it’s good. If I can break it, he fine tunes it until it works perfectly. With Rhino, we get the new weekly release, but I don’t think I’m effective as I don’t know what I should be looking at. I look at the tabs hoping to see them bigger one day, but that’s about it.

I suppose you could argue that if it works well for your daily tasks then that’s an effective test. And maybe so. However, there are probably a few people who be willing to “go the extra mile” if they knew where to go.




Couldn’t agree more. The “Change Log” in its currents state seems not accurate and more confusing than helpful; stopped making use of it a while ago. As far as I remember in V5 beta is used to be much more up-to-date.


I whined about this a little while ago and Steve (I think) sent me this link:


By looking at the top items with a date later than the previous WIP it’s possible to see what the latest fixes/adds are. Nevertheless, I think it would be handy for the “Change Log” to just show the changes since the previous one or two WIPs, and have a link to the present form of it. Or even just show the date for each item in the current list.

You can filter that list down to the last two weeks with the following

I know, it isn’t as pretty and helpful as what is being requested. This is just the ‘true’ list of what has been done


Thanks Steve. That’s helpful.