Possible for Document.ElementTypes Family Name Filter to contain Regex?

Specifically I was looking to gather all families with names starting with a specific set of characters without selecting only one specific family?

My Regex might be wrong, but thinking add a * after the specific characters and obtain all families with names that start with that ordering of characters. Then sorting and selection can occur after.

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This component do not implement this kind of filtering, but I think it would be nice it does.
I add it to the list of thing to do.

Many thanks for your comment.


Hey @mrainville1.618
You can use the usual grasshopper pattern of filtering elements using Match Text and Cull Pattern components:


true, that is effective and functional, was merely thinking if it was possible it would be more elegant of a solution. granted using what exists has its own value instead of over complicating. thanks for the reminder @eirannejad my brain gets jumbled when switching between VPs