Possible bug with SubD bridge


I think I may have found a bug in v8 with SubD bridging. In the demo below, you can see that the bridge only seems to work when Join isn’t selected.

The second part of the demo is showing that v7 works as expected. The file used in v7 was saved in the v7 format from the WIP in the event that’s of import.

Attached are the two files. It appears that every bridge attempt I’ve made in v8 seems to be affected.
SubD Bridge Oddity - v7.3dm (164.0 KB)
SubD Bridge Oddity - v8.3dm (164.0 KB)

Confirmed this still occurs with the latest WIP release.

Raising the thread again as this issue still persists and wanted to make sure that someone from McNeel got eyes on (and I’m not sure who the best person to tag would be).

Hi Jason -

Thanks for persisting. I’m not sure I’m seeing the same as what you are reporting here. When I use Bridge, the resulting object becomes invisible in the viewport - with or without the Join option.
I’ve put that on the list as RH-67827.

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Ahh, I didn’t actually check to see if it was created but invisible, as since it looked like it was broke when running the command I didn’t continue on.