Possible bug with moving selection and zoom?

Is there a bug in Work In Progress (7.0.20224.11375, 11-8-2020)?
When I want to move a selection in a viewpoort with the square (Origion) with gumball to a different spot, it works (as usuall). But the same with zooming in (turning the scrollwheel), the selection “jumps” to the original spot and is not moved at all.

Additional: It occurs with gumball setting Align to view

Sorry for my bad English, not my native…

Hoi Frits - I’m not sure what the steps are to reproduce what you are seeing.
Can you post a small, 1-object 3dm file with an example and describe (maybe with a few images - of gewoon in 't nederlands) what to do to see the behavior that you are seeing?

Hoi Wim,
ik heb een object, dat wil ik in 2 richtingen vrij verplaatsen dus selecteren en dan met het vierkantje verschuiven. Na zoom’en en loslaten van de mousebutton is deze, met gumball setting “align to world”, verplaatst. Doe ik dat echter met setting “align to view”, dan verspringt de selectie naar het originele punt terug

@Wim - I think I can reproduce this - maybe - if you scroll-zoom while dragging the gumball, dragging fails. Yeah… only happens if Gumby is set the the view. PageUp/PageDown zooming seems to work ok.

@Frits1956 - is this what you are reporting? RH-59948 Scroll-wheel zoom and gumball dragging


If I understand the enlish language right. Yes thats what I mean. Only with gumball “align to view”. With gumball set to world, to cplane and to object the faillure not occurs

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