Possible bug: Rotating objects via Gumball's arc handle can't use small values while "Grid snap" is on

Check the attached image. I’m aware that clicking with the left mouse button over the green will open a tiny box that will allow me to set a custom angle of rotation for the selected object. However, I would request an alternative way of rotation that lets you choose multiple different angles using either the Command line or the same tiny box where to write the desired number. I think that it would better suit most Rhino users.
For example, if I click and hold the left mouse button on the green round handle of the Gumball and try to rotate it, Rhino automatically sets the angle of rotation in steps divided by 5 degrees (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc). This is useful for general purposes, but usually the modeler would want to rotate the object at some custom angle which is not divided by 5.
If Grid snap is turned on and cursor ToolTip functionality is also active (Rhino options > Modeling aids > Cursor ToolTips > turn on “Relative pint and angle”), it will show the closest angle within the 5 degree steps. Rotation steps by 5 degrees are not present of Grid snap is turned off. If I need to rotate the selected objects by 23 degrees, I can drag the green arc of the Gumball, then write 23 in the command line and then hit Enter, which will allow me rotate the objects at every 23 degrees (23, 46, 69, 92 etc).

That’s fine, but the problem is when I want to rotate the objects at some minor angle such like 2 or 3, and Grid snap is turned on. If I drag the green arc of the Gumball, then write 2 in the command line and hit Enter, Rhino changes the angle snap values to some weird random steps such like: 6, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 44, 50 etc. In this case it’s basically impossible to rotate the selected objects at 2 or 3 degrees while Grid snap is turned on, because Rhino will let me choose between either 0 degrees or 6 degrees. Any value lower than 5 can’t be used. Is that a bug?
However, if I follow the same action but Grid snap is turned off, then Rhino will allow me to rotate the objects by 2 or 3 degrees, or any other custom value.