Possible bug: Panel doesn't support numbers for inputs

Just checking on Windows… It seems to work here.

As a work-around until that is fixed, you could try to throw a Number component in between.

That’s not really a workaround, it’s the exact same thing. I wonder if the problem is that you’re using a decimal point as a radix symbol instead of a comma. GH should always use points and it will set the local culture to that behaviour, but perhaps it works differently on the mac.

it works on mac, albeit a little buggy.

double-click the panel to edit the value… type your desired number :

…but, don’t press return… click the OK button when the cursor is still on the first line (as shown in the above image)… If you return first, bringing the cursor to the second line, then the number will not be accepted as shown below:

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Good catch. It fails on Windows as well if there’s an empty line. That should probably be caught as a special case and either just work or at least generate a more informative error message.