Possible BUG in Rhino SRC 8.8.X


I had this script working flawlessly in SRC 8.7.24113.23001. As soon as I update to SRC 8.8.X the loft operation fails as the closed curves sequence gets totally mixed up. I tested it twice to ensure the issue happens only in SRC 8.8.X and works fine again on SRC 8.7.X.

Closed Curve Loft 8_8.gh (28.0 KB)

This is how the loft looks like in 8.7.X but gets totally tangled up in 8.8.X.

Thanks for testing the SRC, I see that too. I will made a YouTrack item for this, see https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-82192/

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Hi @kossatz,

There is a problem with ‘Join Curve’ it does not respect the input order.
Thanks for reporting.

Meanwhile you can enable the old curve joiner that works as expected.


No problem, @kike and @menno. Much appreciated.