Possible bug in Offset Crv?

I wanted to perform an offset (inset) of the curve. If the vertex is selected in “sharp edges” it is logical that it does not work; however, if you select the rounded summit, soft or chamfer should work, but neither of them seem to work.
is a bug?
offset crv.3dm (40.6 KB)

You could check this file, please?
Should I run several similar offset this. It is a bug?

Davide - I’m so disappointed! I thought you all, in Europe, took your weekends much more seriously than this. Relax! When I get done with my crumpet, if it’s still raining, I’ll take a look. =)


As you have tangents curves , at the end you get curve over the other.

but keep in mind this kind of very pointy things can be problematic ( also for shell… :slight_smile: )

My solution : retrim properly this by using curve boolean ( click outside ) , then little fillet corner , and finally offset.