Possibility of a Coreform U- Splines Plugin?

Hi guys. Is Mcneel aware of Matt Sederberg’s new tech U- Splines? Coz i emailed him asking about the possibility of creating a T- Spline - like plugin for rhino and he replied “Not at the moment but maybe in the future”. I wonder if mcneel wants to collaborate again coz i hear it’s the future of surface analysis and has big implications on structural analysis etc.

And repeat the T-Splines debacle? No thank you.

Were you a t-splines user? :slight_smile: could you suggest a workflow as complete as t-splines?

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.
TSplines, USplines… ZSplines?
Z-Shirt - SNL

T-splines provides a fast workflow, but it still won’t match Nurbs/Bezier modelling in terms of quality.
And from what I’ve read from U-splines, this won’t be much different, since they won’t change the main problem: the patch layout. But we will see. Sounds still very promising.

At least in automotive, T-Splines is now heavily used in form finding, but once the form is found it gets completely remodelled with Bezier surfaces and optimised again.
If you just use it for form finding, you could potentially use sub-d meshes as well. Although you will have some benefits in having sub-d surfaces instead of sub-d-meshes, the impact on cad modelling is overrated. And I know guys being nearly as fast as Sub-d artists when it comes to form finding. Not to forget pen and paper or clay modelling. It all depends on the problem and the person behind :slight_smile:

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Seems this was discussed here when it was first announced. So I am guessing so.

Thanks for the info Tom :smiley: . Although, i think i would disagree with you on the time it takes to model freeform structures with nurbs and bezier. There are certain limitations to what plain old nurbs modeling can do. For example , I am in the architecture industry and it almost seems like a trade secret on how to model famous Buildings with complex forms e.g Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center. To be honest it’s bugging me that it’s so hard to model this building. I’ve looked everywhere on the internet and the closest way to achieve it is through Sub D.That’s why i think its better to have many options for Sub D modelling in Rhino.

believe me, if you have access to experienced guidance from people doing freeform modelling for decades and high end software packages you will notice that there is much more possible with Bezier/Nurbs. But even with Rhino only, if you know how to, you can do impressive things.

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