Positioning HDR reflections - Cycles vs Rendered Viewport

I am trying to carefully position reflections on a bottle in Cycles.
I have used the Rendered viewport preview to set the angles I want for the HDR reflections.

When invoking Cycles, the reflections are not similar to the Rendered viewport.
How might I accurately position the HDR reflections?


Try the Raytraced viewport instead.

Thank you!

It’s not very responsive and I’m not getting azimuth AND altitude control on the map for some reason now.

I’ll try to lower Cycles priority.

You’re welcome, when preparing the scene you can also reduce the viewport size as well as the number of passes

Hi @reberts1
There’s a bug/oversight/mis-interpretation in the way Rhino and/or Cycles deals with HDRi’s. The rotation is translated correctly (as rotation on the world Z-axis), but the altitude in Rhino - which shifts the entire imaginary sphere up/down is incorretctly translated as rotation around the world X-axis instead; leading to the discrepancy between what you see in the rendered preview and Cycles. It’s been around for a looong time and has been discussed with @nathanletwory before. Hopefully it’ll be fixed sooner rather than later. I’m not sure which solution is the right one, but at least they should be the same!
HTH, Jakob

Right, I haven’t managed to find a satisfactory transform of data between what Rhino does and what Cycles needs. It is still somewhere on my list.