Popup toolbar

I tired this many a times now. I add icons to the popup toolbar, say it as popup1 group, and then assign the “default popup 1” to the mouse middle button in options.

in the same session, I close the popup tool bar and open it again,and it works fine, so I am a happy man!
I close Rhino or Rhino crashes because of t-splines, and I am to create the popup tool bar again…

“Default Popup1” does not even show as a toolbar option now when I open rhino again.

Please suggest…
Thanks in advance.

Sanandan Sudhir

Hi Sandy,

A healthy close should overwrite the preference file and save things as you left them for the next launch of Rhino. If you crash, this won’t happen. If a normal closing of Rhino doesn’t save this UI info, I’d right click over the Rhino application shortcut and choose ‘run as admin’ then try the process again. One last thought is that if the icon added is from a plugin it may be a rights issue with the plugin toolbar file too. Find where this lives in Options>Plugins>Properties for the plugin and make sure you have write access to that folder too.

Another suggestion relating to losing toolbar changes, which has caught me out a few times, is when you have more than one instance of Rhino open.

If you close the changed Rhino instance first and an unchanged instance last, then the toolbar saved at closing is not the one you’ve made the changes to…

Well i guess that is the case…
I always have 3-5 rhino files open, simultaneously, and I do changes in
one, save it, and then save other files, finally to find the popup1 is
I guess I have to save the file with the changes the last??

You don’t need to save a file in order to have rhino write the rhino options to the registry (as opposed to file options or properties). Rhino writes to the registry upon closing (and not crashing). Saving doesn’t have anything to do with this.