Populating holes on a mesh form

I have been trying to populating POINTS on a mesh and using centroid placing Circle on each point so I can imitate the holes on the sculpture attached., The circles are there but wrongly orientated, They come out perpendicular to the surface on the mesh or polysurface.
Anyone has a script for that , that would be truly appreciated.

Hi Marcel,

What script did you now use, or did you manually place the circles?

How about placing a sphere at the point location and intersect that with the mesh to get a sort-of circle at that location?


Duplicate post here - but also that one without the Grasshopper file…


Yes on my first post I forgot to attach a screenshot of my GH work but I did in the following one.

Hi Willem
I did attach a screenshot of the tools I used on my following post. Can you check it please. Thanks