Populating a surface with different numbers of points

Any idea how to populate a surface with different numbers of points depending on its size ?

I want to give the point populator different numbers for each polylines surface in relation to the area size.

Came Points.gh (7.5 KB)
Camel Point Population.3dm (181.1 KB)

Like this?

Came Points_re.gh (28.1 KB)

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Thank you HS_Kim, always thankful for ur help. You always find a way to resolve and make all my challenges over the years disappear with Grasshopper ! Much love <3


Would u happen to know how to triangulate the points in a way inside the polylines to look something like this ? I sadly am not familiar with mesh triangulations or how to convert the surface to a mesh and triangulate it afterwards.

Take a look at the attachment…

CamelMesh_re.gh (13.0 KB)

This is a very good start for me to work with. However the beauty of the other drawing is that the triangles don’t only span from the corner points, but there are extra points that gets created inside the surface that helps to create extra triangles. Will try to work with this one and add more to it.