Populate list of length Y with X number of items?

I have, say 10 surfaces in a surface input parameter, and I want to distribute those 10 surfaces across, say 100 points.

I realize that if I attempt to just plug the surface and for example the centroid from an area node into a move node, I will end up with 1000 objects instead of 100.

How can I “grow”/“redistribute” or otherwise get my 10 surfaces to become a list of 100 surfaces instead?

Random order would be a nice bonus too, but not necessary.

You could post a model.

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Take a look at the attachment,

MoveToPoints_re.gh (10.2 KB)

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As I still haven’t gotten into the mindset of how to think with Grasshopper, that solution is amazing to me. :+1:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: