Pop up notes on certain objects, is this possible?

can one have pop up notes on objects, with option of turning such off.

Where one needs to explain something or warn of something etc.


Hi Steve- the V6/WIP has an page added for showing user text - these could be used as a kind of object-specific ‘notes’. You can see them in Object Properties. Object user text is present in V5 but not as easily accessed and there is ‘pop-up’ in either, you’d need a script for that.

Here’s a very quick and dirty plug-in - drag and drop it to load and you’ll have three new commands:

SetObjectNotes (type in your warning)
ShowObjectNotes (displays a text dot with the warning)
ShowUserText (Shows a list of all user text keys on the object, if any, and you choose the one to display. See Help on SetUserText to get an idea what’s actually going on here…).

ObjectNotes.rhp (11.5 KB)

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Hi Pascal,
loaded that on, unblocked it etc.
added note to a cube, showText select cube shows note.

draw a few more cubes.
now to see which one has a warning.

showText, says select object, drag selection over all cubes, nothing appears.
need work my way through each object in turn until I find the one.

As such, to have text appear on objects that have notes written, needs a way of notes appearing without selecting one object at a time, as my builds have too many objects to go selecting one after the other. no doubt same for others.

if only select object worked on a multiple selection revealing notes on those within the selection.


You can select multiple objects that have notes and include objects that do not have notes in the selection, the ones with will show them.