Poor mesh Make2d after mesh explode and mesh join

Hello everyone, I’ve built a mesh by grasshopper.
I noticed that, if I explode that mesh [mesh explode] and then rejoin [mesh join] these faces in grasshopper, the make2d result just became frustrating.
Here are different result before and after explode and rejoin.

Does anyboy konw why? and How to make it work properly after explode and join?

Here is my test file, by rhino6
File.3dm (17.4 MB)

Hi @Marshall996
I think it has to do with the weld information being lost when you explode the mesh. Use the Weld component after re-joining to weld the faces at an appropriate angle (50° or so should work, judging from the screen grab, but YMMV).
HTH, Jakob

Hi, I’ve tried your solution, It works!
15° could make it work pretty great
Thank you!

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